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Tier 2 Bundle

Tier 2 Bundle

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  • 256 3"x5" Bags
  • 128 4"x6" Bags
  • 16 6"x9" Bags
  • 3 Pound Bags
  • 200 3" Stickers

Introducing Our Tier 2 Bundle – Versatile Packaging Solutions for Your Growing Brand!

Designed to meet the expanding needs of your business, our Tier 2 Bundle provides a comprehensive packaging solution with increased quantities and sizes. Elevate your brand presentation and ensure your products are securely and professionally packaged.

Bundle Components:

🌐 256 x 3"x5" Mylar Bags: Versatile and compact, these 3"x5" Mylar Bags offer an ideal packaging solution for a diverse range of products. Crafted from durable material, they keep your items fresh and protected.

🌐 128 x 4"x6" Mylar Bags: Strike a balance between size and visibility with these mid-sized Mylar Bags. Perfect for various products, they provide a professional packaging solution while showcasing your brand.

🌐 16 x 6"x9" Mylar Bags: Catering to larger items, these 6"x9" Mylar Bags offer a spacious and versatile packaging option. Enhance the presentation of your products with these durable and practical bags.

🌐 3 x Pound Bags: Ideal for bulkier items or larger quantities, these Pound Bags ensure secure and organized packaging. Durable and functional, they add a professional touch to your expanding packaging needs.

🌐 200 x 3" Stickers: Seal the deal with custom-designed 3" stickers. Display your logo, promote special offers, or add a personal touch to enhance brand recognition and contribute to a cohesive packaging experience.

Elevate your packaging strategy with our Tier 2 Bundle – a versatile and comprehensive solution for businesses on the rise. Order today and give your growing range of products the packaging they deserve!

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Custom Mylar Bags


Is design included?

No. Design is not included. You are only paying for the printing and application. If you need design, please add it to your cart.

How much volume do these bags hold?

Will you keep my design?

Yes. We will keep your design on file and available for reprint. There will be no additional design cost.