Mylar Bags

  • In-House Designers

    Don't have a design? Our team of experienced experts can bring your vision to life with designer mylar bags that stand out. Having served thousands of clients, we know exactly what your brand needs to succeed.

  • Fast Turnaround

    Get your products on shelves faster. With some of the fastest production times in the industry, your brand can expect high quality printed mylar bags quickly.

  • Low Order Minimums

    Our MOQ's are some of the lowest in the industry, being as low as 2 pieces an order! Ordering small quantities of custom printed mylar bags can help you rapidly adapt to the market's changing needs, seasonality, and even provide limited time offers.

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  • 3"x5"

    Efficiently accommodating small quantities, the 3x5 bags offer a snug fit for up to 3.5 grams, providing a compact solution for your needs.

  • 5"x5" Circle

    The circular design of the 5x5 bags is optimized to hold 3.5 grams, offering a unique and stylish packaging solution for your products.

  • 4"x5"

    Compact yet versatile, the 4x5 bags can securely contain up to 3.5 grams, making them an ideal choice for various small to medium-sized items.

  • 4"x6"

    With a bit more room, the 4x6 bags can hold up to 7 grams, providing additional space while maintaining a sleek and efficient form.

  • 5"x8"

    Sized for versatility, the 5x8 bags offer a capacity range of 14 to 28 grams, accommodating a broader spectrum of products with secure packaging.

  • 6"x9"

    Optimized for a capacity of 28 grams, the 6x9 bags offer ample space for larger quantities or bulkier items, ensuring secure and efficient packaging.

  • Pound

    Designed for heavier quantities, the pound-sized bags can comfortably fit up to 460 grams, providing a robust solution for your packaging needs.

  • Standard

    Wrap your products in elegance with our standard bag colors. From classic Gold to luxurious Silver, professional Black, and simple White, these bags transcend mere containers—they make a statement. Available in sizes from 3"x5" to pound sizes, our diverse color options ensure a refined presentation that leaves a lasting impression. Elevate your packaging and let your brand's essence shine through in every color choice.

  • 4x5 Colors

    Infuse energy into your packaging with our 4"x5" bag collection, featuring bold hues like Red, Orange, Yellow, Blue, Green, Pink, and Purple. For added glamour, explore holographic options—Prism, Blue, Red, Green, Purple, Silver, and Pink—turning your bags into captivating vessels that secure and showcase your items with enchanting flair. Whether playful or sophisticated, our diverse color palette becomes an extension of your brand's identity.

  • Childproof

    Ensure safety and compliance with our childproof 4"x5" bags, crafted with a child-resistant closure for extra protection. Essential warning text on the back emphasizes safety precautions and the importance of keeping the bag out of reach of children. Our commitment to safety not only safeguards your products but also meets regulatory standards, providing peace of mind for businesses and consumers alike.

  • Holographic

    Dazzle and captivate with our holographic print option for Mylar bags. Elevate your packaging to a whole new level as vibrant colors dance and shimmer, creating an eye-catching, dynamic effect. The holographic print adds a touch of modernity and sophistication to your bags, ensuring that your product not only stands out but also makes a memorable impression on your customers.

  • Spot UV

    Highlight key elements of your design and add a luxurious touch with our spot UV coating for Mylar bags. This premium finish involves applying a glossy coating to specific areas of the bag, creating a striking contrast with the matte background. This technique not only enhances the visual appeal but also provides a tactile experience, making your packaging not just a vessel but a piece of art that customers can appreciate and remember.

  • Scratch-Off

    Inject an element of interactivity and surprise with our scratch-off sticker option for Mylar bags. Perfect for promotions, contests, or revealing special messages, these stickers conceal information that customers can unveil with a simple scratch. It adds an element of excitement to the unboxing experience, engaging customers and fostering a sense of anticipation. The scratch-off stickers provide a unique way to make your Mylar bags memorable and share a moment of delight with your audience.

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